3D Speed - All-In-One Polish & Wax

3D Speed - All-In-One Polish & Wax

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3D Speed polishes and protects the painted surface in one easy and simple step.

Removes light to moderate surface scratches and swirl marks.

This remarkable product restores colour, depth, and gloss while adding a long lasting wax to the surface.

Its exceptional open time allows longer polishing and waxing period, and less product use.

Product works best when applied in a shaded area but is sun friendly when used correctly.  

Great for those who want quick, minor paint correction with protection.

HD Speed MSDS Sheet

HD Speed MSDS Sheet

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3 Reviews

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    HD Speed

    Posted by Shawn on 2018 Jun 14th

    Amazing product! Great for a quick correction, leaves behind solid protection and a great way to impress a client or make a significant improvement in your vehicles paint.

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    Best Ever

    Posted by Unknown on 2018 May 31st

    This is by far the best AIO on the market. Easy to put on, easy to wipe off, great working time. Can't go wrong.

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    Fast & Good

    Posted by Richard Tasse on 2017 Jun 21st

    I read on Internet that product was good even when apply in the sun. So I order a 36 ounces bottle and the minute it arrive I tryed it on my car. Super nice finish, easy to remove with a single microfiber, no dust at all and it remove a lot of scratches and swirls.I was amaze because I used it in full sun and it did a nice job anyway.I have some product that cost a lot more money and does't do what HD Speed does.I encourage poeple to buy it.It is good for professionnal detailer and beginner too.Enjoy the shine of that fantastic product.

Shake well.
Best applied using a DA Random Orbital Polisher, may be applied by hand.
Set the DA Random Orbital Polisher on medium to high speed with a polishing foam pad apply a thin layer of product over the entire painted surface.
For those using a rotary buffer, reduce speed to 800-1000 RPM.
Apply in a cool dry place.
Easy on and easy off removal. Just use a clean dry micro fiber towel and buff product off by hand for a deep, high gloss finish.