3D Wash N Wax

3D Wash N Wax

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  • Wash N Wax
  • High concentrated liquid cleaning soap
  • Waxes in one step
  • Great for hard to reach areas (Planes, trucks, RV's)
  • pH Balanced
  • Rinses off easily

Wash N Wax™ is a rich, highly concentrated, thick car wash shampoo fortified with gloss enhancing polymers to give your car a beautiful looking shine. PH-neutral formula is excellent for maintaining the protection on your freshly waxed or sealed vehicle while adding an additional layer of wax protection on bare surfaces too. Special polymer surfactants greatly reduce surface tension with a hydrophilic effect to safely encapsulate and flush away dirt and grime. This pH balanced soap works excellent for hand wash and/or foam gun applications. Produces dense great smelling foam that cleans and conditions the surface while leaving a smooth brilliant looking finish.

Wash N Wax uses special technology to saturate the soiled surface with a complex blend of polymers. This greatly reduces the abrasion that takes place during the wash down process. This also leaves behind a slick surface that further minimizes additional friction during drying. What this does is gently cleans the dirt, but doesn’t harm the protection already in place prior to washing.

PH balanced, biodegradable, non-toxic, eco-friendly and free of harsh detergents. Will not dry out your hands with regular use. Your car will love you and so will the environment. Water soluble hydrophobic polymers coat the surface and allows easy rinsing to conserve water and reduce towel drying time. Water will quickly sheet off the surface. Works great on all vehicles including cars, trucks, boats, aircraft, mobile homes & motorcycles. The easiest way to clean, shine & protect your vehicle with a bucket & hose!

Wash N Wax MSDS Sheet

201 - Wash N Wax MSDS Sheet

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3 Reviews

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    Wash and Wax

    Posted by Jim Spohn on 2020 Nov 24th

    Great stuff. Plenty of suds.

  • 5
    wash and wax

    Posted by Unknown on 2017 Aug 28th

    Great wash and wash. Safe ph, great beading afterwards, not too expensive

  • 5
    Wash N Wax

    Posted by Tony B autodetailing on 2015 Sep 1st

    This is a great soap, suds a lot, cleans great, rinses easily, leaves a great shine and makes for easier washing when its time again.

Apply 1 ounce of Wash N Wax to 1 gallon of water. Spray pressurized blast of water into your wash bucket to produce suds. Carefully wash vehicle with your favorite wash sponge or mitt from top to bottom constantly applying fresh suds to each panel and flushing your mitt/sponge of trapped dirt particles. Avoid allowing shampoo to dry on vehicle. Rinse frequently. Gently dry the vehicle with soft microfiber towels immediately after final rinse to prevent water spots. Avoid washing in direct sunlight or when your vehicle surface is hot.