3D ONE Hybrid Compound and Polish

3D ONE Hybrid Compound and Polish

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3D ONE is a hybrid cutting compound and finishing polish, in ONE product, that accelerates compound and polishing performance. 3D ONE has specially engineered Nano Ceramic Alumina Abrasives that easily correct heavy to light paint scratches using a DA or high-speed rotary polisher. 3D ONE is a unique water-based product, when applied on a cutting pad, 3D ONE will to remove heavy scratches, equivalent to p1500 sanding scratches. Applied on a polishing or finishing pad 3D ONE will to polish the surface and deliver an exceptional high gloss finish. 3D ONE is the ONE product that will compound and level and then polish your paint to a brilliant, showroom shine. It’s easy to use, easy to clean up and leaves the perfect finish every time. Works best when applied in shaded areas but is also sun-friendly.


Directions: To remove scratches; shake well and apply 4 to 5 dime size drops on your choice of 3D wool or Spider-Cut foam pad and buff a 2’ X 2’ area at a time, with slow back and forth overlapping motions. Once the scratches are removed, apply 4 to 5 dime size drops of 3D ONE on a 3D Spider-Cut finishing pad. Polish with the same overlapping motions, keeping the pad flat to the surface. When the holograms and swirl marks are removed, wipe off residue with a clean microfiber towel to reveal TRUE 3D PAINT PERFECTION.

7 Reviews

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    3D ONE

    Posted by Mario on 2021 Feb 11th

    Safely removed 30 years of oxidation and scratches.
    Amazing product highly recommend it !!

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    My favorite go-to polish

    Posted by Andy U. on 2020 Oct 21st

    Works like a charm. Cant go wrong with a bottle of this

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    3D one hybrid compound

    Posted by Adam Dinglasan on 2020 Jul 4th

    This is the best compound/polish I have ever used. 5 stars simply isn't enough. Cuts incredibly and finishes down so hood.

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    Amazing results

    Posted by Jacob Abou-Ammo on 2020 Jun 17th

    I highly recommend this product for a one step correction. i got amazing cut and polish from just using 3D One and a polishing pad. The product has a long work time and is easy to wipe off.

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    Car shines again

    Posted by Darryl on 2020 Apr 24th

    I used my car as a daily commuter, sometimes travelling over 200k daily. It was pretty swirled up just from that. Used ONE with a cutting pad over the entire vehicle and then again with the polishing pad and it turned out Fantastic. I also followed it up with 3D Poxy which is one of the easiest waxes I have ever used. The car is slick to the touch and people have asked if I had it painted.

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    The best

    Posted by Glen F on 2019 Apr 20th

    Over the past 30 years I have used products from all major manufacturers and boutiques - by hand, with an RO and now with a DA. In 2010 I tested their UNO Polish and found a winner. Unfortunately, it is no longer sold, after some digging by our local supplier they found this is it's the replacement, yes it is. Has enough cut with a polishing pad to remove spiderwebs, holograms, and most imperfections, does not heat up the paint and has a very long open time. If you are using anything else you are wasting your valuable time.

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    hybrid compound

    Posted by tom on 2019 Feb 9th

    This product cuts well and leaves a nice polished finish with a deep lustre shine finish.