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    •  Variable speed with pre-set maximum speed dial – ideal for ultra slow polishing.

    • Electronic speed control maintains constant speed under load.

    • Easily converts to a sander.

    • Fast and powerful polishing for clear-coat finishes.

    • The 9227C is designed with a lock-on button for continuous use at one speed.


Every cleaning product has its uses and can only be used for certain tasks. Sponges are considered useful for cleaning and washing, just as a cloth is necessary for drying off a freshly washed car. However, to effectively polish a paint job into having a long-lasting shine, you will need a high-powered polisher to get that glossy finish. Makita 9227xx3 is the perfect tool to achieve that sparkling shine with your favorite sealent, HD POXY!

The Makita 9227xx3 is a great addition to your detailing kit. This great polishing tool has a variable speed control that delivers 600 to 3,000 RPMs, which makes the speed constant under whatever load it is under in. With just under 6.6 pounds, it is one of the lightest power tools you can get for your money making it comfortable for extended use. The easy-grip handle that has the lock switch makes it safe, as well as easy to operate.

This power polisher comes equipped for easy polishing, ideal for that automotive detailing job that you have wanted to do with your car for so long. However, with the right attachment, this polisher can easily convert into a sanding tool, making it versatile for those power sanding jobs you might require it for. This great power tool even comes ready with a 21-inch tool bag, allowing for easy storage and transportation. At such a low price, this Makita 9227CX3 is a great polisher for automotive and marine polishing and sanding needs. Makita 9227 CX3 is a great polisher for clearcoat finishes, too.

Auto detailing can be stressful, especially if you do not have the right tools at hand. With the best cheap price on the web, Makita 9227xx3, not only do get a great polishing tool, but also reliable and trustworthy equipment. If you take care of your Makita Polishers you can use it for years to come. For the cheapest Makita 9227xx3 price online visit today and see this amazing tool in action for yourself.

Standard Equipment Includes:


  • 9227C Auto Polisher
  • Hoop Handle
  • Side Handle
  • Hook & Loop Pad
  • 7" Auto Compound Pad
  • 7" Auto Polishing Pad
  • 21" Tool Bag



  • Amperage: 10.0
  • No-load RPM: 0 - 3,000
  • Sanding Disc: 7" (180mm)
  • Spindle Thread: 5/8" - 11 UNC
  • Length: 18-1/2" (470mm)
  • Weight: 6.6 lbs (3.0 kg)