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LVP CONDITIONER cleans, conditions, and protects leather, vinyl, and plastic in one step. LVP is made with Mink-Oil to create extra softness and extend the life of leather, vinyl, and plastic. LVP Conditioner cleans dirt and grime away from leather, vinyl, and plastic while adding conditioning mink oil into the leather, vinyl, and plastic to protect them from UV rays. UV rays and heat will dry out all the leather, vinyl and plastic parts of a vehicle’s interior and shorten the life of a vehicle's interior much faster if left untreated. LVP Conditioner is absorbed into the leather, vinyl, and plastic to leave a soft, non-greasy surface and restore moisture to any vehicle's interior. LVP Conditioner is VOC, Green and Biodegradable.   Use an applicator for even coverage.




Apply LVP Conditioner with a microfiber applicator or towel. Saturate the applicator and message LVP Conditioner into the leather, vinyl, and plastic in a circular massaging motion. Like all 3D products, a little does go a long way. Let LVP Conditioner penetrate the surface for a few minutes and wipe off the excess off with a clean micro towel. Re-apply LVP Conditioner every 4 to 6 months. 


HD Poxy MSDS Sheet

910 - LVP Conditioner SDS Sheet

* These SDS Sheets are in .pdf format. Please download Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them. You can also right-click and 'save as' to save it.

Liquid Leather can be used on all kind of leather except suede, nubuck and certain aniline finishes. Test in an inconspicuous area prior to treating entire panel.

Apply a small amount to a clean, damp cloth or applicator. Avoid spraying directly onto surface. Using a circular motion, massage and apply the product to leather or vinyl until the surface is fully covered. Buff off excess with a clean dry microfiber towel. Repeat as necessary.

NOTE: If leather is very soiled, make sure to pre-clean the surface with 3D'€™s Leather, Vinyl & Plastic Cleaner or 3D's All Purpose Cleaner diluted 1:10 parts water.