Goizper IK Foam 9 Sprayer

Goizper IK Foam 9 Sprayer

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Sprayers specifically manufactured for the generation of dry and long lasting foam. Designed for use with chemical agents with surfactant properties (surface active).

This sprayer features:

Metal opening and closing handle


Integrated funnel in tank


Safety valve with depressurisation option


Lance grip


Transport belt in shoulder strap


Translucent tank with level indicator


Base with support for the feet


Valve: tared at 4 bar despresurizable

Hose: 1,3 m

Standard nozzles: Special nozzle with fan-type foam

Lance: 36 cm fibreglass

Total capacity: 8l. - 2,11 U.S. Gals.

Useful capaticy: 5L. - 1,3 U.S. Gals.

Gross weight: 2,00 kg - 4,40lbs.

Net weight: 1,72 kg - 3,78 lbs.