Simple and Prefect Wash Routine

Simple and Prefect Wash Routine

2022 May 18th

Many people want a simple, but effective wash routine.

3D Products will get you the clean and shine you desire.

Pre rinse the wheels and tires and spray on Orange Degreaser #109 to both the rims and tires. Let dwell for a couple minutes and use a stiff brush for the tires and either a soft mitt or brush(es) for the rims. Rinse and repeat on the rest of the rims.

Pre rinse the vehicle next and apply Bug Remover #103 to the areas with bug guts. Let dwell for 1- 2 minutes and wash area down with Pink Car Soap #202 and a soft mitt or wash pad and rinse. No hard scrubbing needed.

Dry the vehicle the a good quality drying towel, we suggest the Blue Waffle Weave Microfibre TPWWDT or the Twisted Logic Drying Towel TWISTEDMDT. Pat Dry, instead of dragging the towels to help avoid marring the paint.

Spray Bead it Up #440 on a clean soft Microfibre towel, wipe onto the paint, glass, lights, rims etc and wipe clear with a second dry soft towel.

Add Speed Dressing #777 to the tires with an applicator for a sling free shine. Bam, shine and protection.