Rinrei 18mm x 50m Washi Tape

Rinrei 18mm x 50m Washi Tape

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Washi is a unique type of paper originated in Japan, which is made from Gampi, Mitsumata or Mulberry trees.  Washi tape retains its toughness while offering protection and stability even under the most extreme environmental and working conditions whether it’s being used in a spray booth or on the construction site.  In some applications, it is even said it can last as long as 1,000 years!

-Made of Japanese pulp paper (Washi)

-Applicable to any kind of surface

-Durable against indoor atmospheric conditions

-Impervious to solvent

-Leaves almost no adhesive residue after peeling


Perfect for taping off corners and edges before buffing! Extremely Malleable and bends without creasing!