Re-polymerizes the surface of plastics, which permanently restores faded plastic parts back to looking like new.


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FEYNLAB™ Plastic is used to restore faded plastic trim back to what it would have been like when new. The main goal with this product was not to turn the faded plastic trim parts into highly glossy “jewlery” but rather to restore the trim pieces back to their satin matte finish, as close as possible to how they would have left the factory when new.

The product works through converting and bonding to the oxidised layer of plastic and reforming it back into a material that has structural integrity, color, and will protect itself from fading again. It is recommended that this product is top coated with Universal once fully cured for added UV protection.
This product is for professional application only by FEYNLAB™ Approved and Accredited applicators, do not attempt to apply this product without training.

Specifically for black plastic bumpers and black plastic trim.